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Our Story

Precision Talent Solutions, Transforming into End-to-End Technology Services Partner

Ingenium Venatus has had a journey that has traversed several landscapes to become the entity It is today. We started off as boutique search firm which has been delivering high-quality talent solutions to both global giants and start-ups for over 23 years. Our focus thereon has been on providing top talent with speed and precision, while ensuring long-term sustainability for our clients through our Parent Company, Cominfo Executive Search held by Cominfo Software Solutions.

Across Leadership Hiring and Executive Search, We have a strong domain expertise Traversing Sales, Technology and Support Services with closures and client relationships in all geographies including, United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, UK, DACH, Nordics, BeneLux, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Middle East and India among others. Over the last decade our advent into C-suite searches across the International and Domestic landscape has gone a long distance in shaping us as the organization that we are today. We have had the opportunity to leverage our team and skillsets to build several organizations, top-down, with several CEO, CBO, CHRO, CTO and CSO hires, among others. We have had significant success over the past several years, populating the top leaderships of several technology startups through partnership with Global Private Equity firms, across geographies.

Over time we have transformed into more than just delivering Talent. Today, Ingenium Venatus is an end to end Services solutions entity that not only Delivers Talent to some of its clients but also has a repository cache of its own, in terms of Top Talent, to service the Industries growing Technology needs. Ingenium Venatus is outfitted to deliver niche Technology solutions across AI/ML, Cloud, Data, Digital and Customer Service including a deep and maturing domain expertise in Generative AI, LLM,Chat GPT, Open AI and Bard, among others.

With Professional Services and Recruitment alike, we understand the importance of delivering results in a timely and efficient manner. That’s why we are committed to meeting aggressive timelines and providing a seamless client experience from start to finish. In addition to our speed and precision, we prioritize sustainability in our talent solutions. Our thorough background checks and rigorous candidate evaluation process ensure that our placements are viable and will deliver long-term value to our clients. Similar processes ensure that we on-board only the best on our own rolls to ensure timely delivery of projects as well as above par work product for every client that we service on the professional services front.


Distinctive Solutions

Empowering Your Growth Through Cutting-Edge Solutions

Elevate your business with cutting-edge solutions for growth and innovation. From AI-powered transformations to strategic cloud services and specialized cybersecurity, we empower your journey. Thrive in the digital era with our expertise in data analytics and machine learning.

Growth Empowerment
Cutting-Edge Solutions
AI Transformation
Strategic Digital Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

Reimagine your business with AI-powered solutions tailored to your needs.

Cloud Services

Unlock the true potential of digital and business transformation with our strategic cloud services.

Data Analytics & ML

Succeed in the digital age using our top data analytics and machine learning solutions.


Protect your organization's future with our expert cybersecurity services and knowledge.


Executive Search Processes.
Our process is designed to ensure that we deliver top talent to our clients, with a focus on aggressive timelines and thorough background checks to ensure talent sustainability and viable delivery.

1. Needs Assessment

2. Recruitment & Assessment

3. Managing Offer Processes

4. Welcome and Onboarding

Diverse Industry Reach

Across Professional Services and Executive Search, Ingenium Venatus operates across the following Industry Verticals by servicing clients present in these verticals through professional services.

Ingenium Venatus serves clients across various Industry Verticals, including Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Capital Markets, Healthcare, Media, Retail, and more, through professional services and recruitment.

Unlock Your Company's Potential

At our boutique firm, we believe in delivering excellence through every step of the process. Our philosophy is centred around providing high-quality services and talent solutions to our clients, with a focus on speed, precision, and sustainability.

Connecting Strategy with Success

Our Global Footprint and Domain Expertise.

Ingenium Venatus, a sister concern of Cominfo Executive Search, has a rich history of 23+ years in sourcing top talent for global entities. Our global presence includes successful closures in various countries like India, United States of America, South Korea, Japan, and more.

Mastery of Transformation

Ingenium Venatus: Elevating Industries with Precision Talent Solutions and Cutting-Edge Technology Expertise.

Ingenium Venatus, initially a boutique search firm, has evolved into a comprehensive end-to-end services entity, catering not only to talent delivery but also offering a cache of top talent to meet the growing technology needs of various industries. With a focus on AI/ML, Cloud, Data, Digital, and Customer Service, including expertise in Generative AI, LLM, Chat GPT, Open AI, and Bard, they deliver niche technology solutions.

The company’s commitment to speed, precision, and sustainability ensures long-term client value through efficient results, thorough background checks, and onboarding top talent for exceptional work in professional services


Our Clients

We work with some of the most prominent names in the technology industry, includng Infosys, Capgemini, Hexaware, Hitachi Vantara, Westbridge, Sequoia, Tekion, Leadsquared, and more. Our existing client list includes over 100 Corporations, and we continue to expand our reach globally.

Performance Partnership

We work with some of the most prominent names in the technology industry, includng Infosys, Capgemini, Hexaware, Hitachi Vantara, Westbridge, Sequoia, Tekion, Leadsquared, and more. Our existing client list includes over 100 Corporations, and we continue to expand our reach globally.